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{ Reminiscing } It’s been almost three months but I think I’m not quite over that high that you get coming back from a great trip. It’s that high that leaves me wanting to see more of the world. #AngkorWat #SiemReap #Cambodia #travel #sunrise (Taken with instagram)

There are days when I feel so small. | That huge tree made quite famous by Tomb Raider. I almost rubbed elbows with Angelina Jolie! XD #TaProhm #SiemReap #Cambodia #travel #tree (Taken with Instagram at Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Sunset at Phnom Bakheng. Today felt like two days crammed into one. I have never walked or drank so much in one day. I need to be fit for my next trip! :) #PhnomBakheng #SiemReap #Cambodia #sunset #dusk (Taken with Instagram at Siem Reap, Cambodia)